ExpressVPN Review 2019

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ExpressVPN Review 2019
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ExpressVPN is a simple, fast VPN solution, offering anonymity while browsing the web and allowing access to sites blocked in the user’s location. What is worth knowing about it and is it worth investing in it?


In brief:

A simple and reliable VPN network, ideal for streaming media enthusiasts. It is available in many locations, which should satisfy the privacy lovers.


convenient to use
browser add-ons
reliable servers

The idea behind the creators of ExpressVPN was to provide anonymous access to the Internet to everyone – regardless of their knowledge of technical topics. You just click on the big button in the middle of the interface and you already have protection from being tracked by the network provider, power and anyone who would like to follow you.

ExpressVPN – how much does it cost?

ExpressVPN is not a free VPN, and there are three subscription plans to choose from. Each includes all applications, round-the-clock technical support and a fast, unlimited connection. At the time of writing this text (2019), the prices are as follows:

One month – USD 12.95
6 months – 59, 95 USD
12 months – 99, 95 USD
Admittedly, it is not cheap. The plus is that all plans are subject to a seamless, 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days of using the service. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin or other methods (GiroPay, WebMoney, etc.). The company’s headquarters is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is in the gray area of the “Alliance of the Fourteen Eyes” activity.


ExpressVPN – how does it work?

ExpressVPN uses over 1,700 servers to create a VPN network located in 94 countries around the world – from Monaco to Mongolia. The manufacturer prides itself on the perfect operation of all servers and, indeed, randomly testing a dozen of them did not happen to hit the broken. However, a large selection is also a big problem – which country and city to choose from such a quantity? Manufacturers have thought about it and the speed test option is implemented in the interface – it takes a few minutes and then you get a list of servers in the order from the fastest to the slowest. Thanks to this you will choose the best VPN server for your needs. Interestingly, and as shown by a few trial tests, the fastest servers are found not only in countries associated with developed technologies (such as the United Kingdom), but also in Armenia or Montenegro. ExpressVPN does not collect any statistics about user activity, so nobody will find out what VPN server was used, which websites visited, or what queries sent to DNS servers.

ExpressVPN also offers a VPN version of Android, Linux, MacOS and iOS. Unfortunately, there is no speed test option in the “Android” version. However, the license allows you to use Virtual Private Network connections on three devices at the same time, so this is not a problem. The VPN client allows you to stream Netflix, but you must remember that this activity is incompatible with the terms of Netflix services and, as in the case of similar activities of this type – you take the only and full responsibility for them. Interestingly, Netflix systematically blocks VPN servers, so do not be surprised if it suddenly stops working.

ExpressVPN also prepared software for home routers. To obtain them, you need to download a specially modified firmware for your device and install it, which can be difficult for many users. The manufacturer’s video guide may help. Another option is to purchase a router that already has ExpressVPN installed


Like other virtual private network solutions, it also has a button to close applications running in the background – it’s called Network Lock – but it focuses more on modifying network traffic than applications. If the VPN tunnel is destroyed, then the application is not turned off and all traffic stops. You can also use Network Lock to allow local traffic and to move remote traffic to the background, which in the case of tunnel destruction will prevent network connections to devices such as printers.

Finally, it’s worth adding one more advantage – these are add-ons for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers that allow you to activate VPN from their level.