Private Internet Access Review 2019

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Private Internet Access Review 2019
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If you want to use the services blocked in your area, such as Netflix US or browse the network anonymously, use a virtual private network (VPN). This solution masks your IP when you are online. One of such services is Private Internet Access (PIA).

Private Internet Access is a VPN network based in the United States. As the country is one of the leading members of the “Fourteen-Eye Alliance”, this may be disturbing, but although the manufacturer assures that it does not transmit data to the authorities in any way.

In brief:

Easy access to American Netflix and cheap subscriptions makes PIA a priority for home users.


an enormous number of servers


somewhat clumsy interface

Private Internet Access – how does it work?

At first, the first drawback – the Windows client on Private Internet Access is unsigned, which means that the user is not one hundred percent sure if he is dealing with what is promised to him. In the case of people who do not install unsigned software on their computer, this may even be a reason to give up this VPN network.

Once the VPN client has been downloaded and installed, the first impression after enabling this VPN is a fairly decent-looking interface. people who remember connecting to the network via a landline phone may feel even a kind of deja vu. But there are great possibilities under inconspicuous appearance. Select the region and language, and then select the connection. It may take up to several seconds, but it is worth waiting – the selected VPN server will provide an anonymous connection to the network. And there are over 3250 servers to choose from in 25 countries around the world. After right-clicking on the VPN icon, a VPN connection is made with a long list of available locations (many of them are in the US and UK). The application remembers the last used server, so if the user is satisfied with its operation, he does not have to trouble his search every time. There is also an automatic server selection function.

During Private Internet Access operation it is minimized. To bring up the interface, right-click on the icon. The login information is displayed, the option to run PIA when logging in, and the selected region and language. Clicking Advanced will show you more useful options like PIA Mace (blocking ads, virtual spies and malware), killswitch, and DNS. The aforementioned killswitch has the theoretical task of stopping the operation of the application when the VPN tunnel is destroyed. However, in the case of PIA, its role is to stop all connections to the network in the event of such a situation.

Private Internet Access – what cost?

The VPN Private Internet Access client is available on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Linux, iPhone. It also has its own Android VPN edition. In its case, the interface is even more simple – in order to connect, just move the switch located in its center.

To use this VPN, you must purchase one of the three available plans. These plans are:

  • 1 month – 6.95 USD
  • 6 months – 35.95 USD
  • 12 months – 39.55 USD

There is also the option of using the free VPN option. We do not recommend it, however, for several reasons. What? Well, such a free VPN, gives users such items as unstable connections and low speeds, it can also try to enter Java scripts or other companies into the computer for advertising purposes, moreover, it often blocks browsing of HTTPS sites. One sentence, summarizing the free solution – it is a denial of what a decent virtual private network should offer.