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StrongVPN Review 2019

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StrongVPN Review 2019
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StrongVPN has its headquarters in Dallas (USA). Its owner is StackPath LLC – a company that is also responsible for IPVanish. It has 650 servers scattered across 24 countries around the world. The VPN uses the IKEv2 protocol, data encryption is carried out using the AES 256-bit algorithm, and authentication with the help of SHA-512.

Only two subscription plans are available. First – monthly, it costs 10 dollars per month. Second – annual for USD 69.90 (USD 5.83 per month). In both cases, the subscription allows up to five independent connections at the same time, so you can use this VPN network on so many devices. The application is available in versions on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It can also be installed – as the manual helps – on routers, under Linux, Kodi, Kindle, Chrome OS, and Synology NAS.

StrongVPN – test

Like other private networks, StrongVPN also puts the user’s simplicity in use. The interface is designed to be as easy as possible to choose the best options for yourself and does not distract the user with dozens of additional options. This is a very nice advantage. When the application is launched for the first time, a map with the buttons for selecting the best location and connection is shown.

After pressing CONNECT, the VPN network starts from the nearest server – which allows for optimal data transfer speed. If you prefer to choose a server manually, just click on the Best Available Location and see the available locations. You can choose a city as well as a server. What is missing is the information on percentage utilization and pings that are located in real time with each server. After selecting the location, it should be saved – it will return to the previous screen, where after pressing CONNECT the connection to the selected server will take place.

We started the test by trying to use the American Netflix – which worked without a problem. There were also no problems with other websites, including online bookmakers. So – everything is fine. StrongVPN achieved the best data transfers on servers in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. In five locations the service managed to reach only 30% of the basic speed. It puts it in the middle class of VPN networks. Interestingly, the VPN service was poor in Germany.

As mentioned, there are not many additional functions here. All the basic ones are hidden under the icon in the upper right corner – after clicking it they appear grouped in five tabs. Under “Options” you will find standard settings such as “Run with Windows”, “Automatic connection”, “Connect at startup”, and you can enable the default option of using killswitch when the VPN tunnel collapses. In the Protocol tab, you can change the default IKEv2 protocol to OpenVPN, SSTP or L2TP. The other are diagnostic options, linked to the account and application updates.

StrongVPN takes users’ privacy seriously – despite being in the “Fourteen-Eye Alliance”, no logs are collected, nor are any data about network traffic or other use of this VPN service.

StrongVPN – summary

StrongVPN is easy to use, which will be an advantage especially for novice users. More advanced people who like to have a range of options to choose from, will certainly be happy with the option of manually switching protocols. However, if you are looking for dedicated servers for direct file sharing (p2p) or a wide selection of countries, this may not be the best choice.