why use vpn

Why Use VPN ?

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Why Use VPN ?
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You work on important company documents. You are finishing an important report that you send to the company’s headquarters from your home office. You do not want any unauthorized person to be able to read the data. And if you do not secure them, practically everyone who has the right tools (because this is more a question of tools than knowledge or skills) will be able to capture and use them. VPN will allow you to work remotely and safely remotely, regardless of where you are currently.

Also, remember that online security means not only the security of the documents themselves. Even tracking where you send emails can tell too much about you competitors. VPN allows you to effectively avoid this.


Not only your company data is exposed when it is sent over the network. By sending holiday pictures you do not want to inform the whole world that you are not at home right now.

You also do not want anyone to have access to your correspondence, read your emails, or even check which online stores you are shopping and how much your wife spends on shoes per month.

You may not be aware of this, but today, virtually everything you do on the internet leaves a mark, and someone definitely uses it – at best, to sell something to you. VPN will make it virtually impossible to track your activity.

Using open Wi-Fi networks.

Do you often use the public internet, restaurants, cafes, on the train or at the airport? You have no idea who in this situation can try to intercept your entire communication. You also never have the guarantee that no unauthorized person can influence the configuration of such a network through which all sent and downloaded data pass. Only thanks to the use of VPN you can be sure that no unauthorized person will be able to read what you are sending through such a public network.

A secure network in a hotel or guesthouse.

Just like at the airport or in any other place, also in a hotel, room or guesthouse where you stay, everyone who uses the same network will have many opportunities to capture your correspondence or other data on which security should depend on you. In such situations, VPN becomes a truly invaluable tool.

Regional blockades.

You can have a subscription for services that offer access to multimedia content and you will want to watch sports events transmitted by, for example, Netflix platform or by Amazon. Abroad you may find that you simply do not have access to them, because these content are only available to users from your country.

By using a VPN server located in your country, you will be able to use the service you have purchased, even abroad.

What to look for when choosing a VPN service?

When deciding on a specific VPN service provider, you should not only be guided by the price. A very important parameter is also the number of devices you can simultaneously connect to your private network. The standard is today the possibility of connecting 5 devices, but it is always better to check it.

Similarly, it is worth knowing if the data transfer that will pass through your VPN tunnel will not be limited, and if so, whether such a transfer limit (as well as the speed of data transfer) will be enough for you. You also always need to make sure that the VPN service provider provides you with the server location you care about.

An important information is also whether the VPN service provider stores the logs of the tunnels being set up on its own server and what algorithm is used to encrypt the transmitted data and how much it affects the performance of the entire tunnel.

You should also compare the available configuration tools so that you can choose the service that will be best suited to your needs. As with any service provider, it is also good to count on support at any time. So check in advance what help you can count on in case of any problems.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help you choose the right VPN service for you and take care of your privacy and security online!