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ZenMate VPN Review 2019

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ZenMate VPN Review 2019
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ZenMate advertises itself as the “most trustworthy” VPN network in the world. While advertising is an advertisement, it is not right to say that it is one of the simplest that currently operate on the market. It allows masking an IP address, allowing anonymous visits to websites on the network, including those that are blocked for users in a given region.

The headquarters of the company is located in Germany, belonging to the “Alliance of the Fourteen Eyes”. This means that, theoretically, the authorities of the USA or Great Britain, for example, may ask ZenMate to request data on persons using this virtual private network. However, ZenDesk, the producer of ZenMate, provides on its website that it does not collect any logs with saved user activity.

ZenMate – how does it work?

To start using ZenMate, the VPN client must first be downloaded. It should be installed and then set up an account on the manufacturer’s website. After connecting, a blue box pops up, informing you that the service is possible thanks to the function called EverSecure. Clicking on the current country option allows you to select a region, and the VPN server starts after a few seconds. You can choose from over 30 servers offering different IP addresses of countries. The ZenMate interface contains only a few basic options, making it transparent and elegant. On the one hand, the manual configuration of the VPN drops out, on the other – there are no more advanced options regarding the level of encryption and protocol, so the user is doomed to default settings, i.e. there is virtually no control over these elements. Unfortunately, there is also no killswitch button that would disable automatically running applications in a situation when the VPN tunnel is destroyed. What’s worse, there is not even a mention of its existence in the support department. Customer support also leaves a lot to be desired – the question related to the application itself is answered by … a bot named Rosa. If a typo happens in the question or simply the bot does not answer the question, it asks you to repeat it.

As for the disadvantages, the count on this does not end. Competitive solutions have clearly stated on their websites what level of encryption they use and what protocols are used. Often such information is strongly emphasized and displayed on the home page of the given VPN. Unfortunately, ZenMate stands out in this respect in minus.

In the VPN Android edition, the client is downloaded not from the producer’s site, but from the Google Play Store. When using on a smartphone or tablet, EverSecure is also used. As in the Windows version, the country is selected from the list and a connection is made. However – surprisingly – the ZenMate mobile version does not have default protection against malware and tracking enabled.

During the tests, access to Netflix was possible, but very slow – logging took about 30 seconds. The link speed test showed that the transfer is 14Mb / s, but when the VPN server was used from the UK, the speed dropped to just 2.38Mb / s.

ZenMate – how much is it and is it worth it?

On the plus side, you should count this VPN network to use it as a browser add-on (both on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android). Unfortunately, this is not a free VPN – it is necessary to purchase one of three plans to use. You can change your mind and request a refund within 14 days of purchase. There are no restrictions in this case. And prices are as follows:

You have to admit that in terms of prices, ZenMate looks great compared to other solutions. If you want to try, buy a plan from ZenMate. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, as well as by ordinary bank transfer.